Back to Normal…..

Yep, back home working was not as fun as I remember. But you have to get some cash in right ! Not so much to write now tho, but will have some weekends left with some fun missions.

Last weekend we where in to Åre and was skiing with all the good old friends there, it was cloudy but warm so slushy shredd ! It´s was fun and felt quiet good about my foot and knee. And i got the result from my MRI aswell, not so good but all good i think. Have a little tiny rupture in my meniscus but they recomend that I just go to a Physio and train it up.

Now we are packing the car and heading towards and their freeride-comp Xfree. That will happend on friday and the weather looking good, sunny and warm. They have moved around to some different faces but now stopped at the one we did last yeat, really liked that face. It´s wide and you can really choose a line of your own, so many different options !



That´s the face from last year, will be fun to see it this year. Last year it was really sketchy aswell due to snow, it was a layer of crust you went true so when the skis turned you better just hold on. I had alot of pain last year so didn´t really could do anything and I´m super happy that we are going on the same face again.

And here you have a video of my run from last year, not so big but fast and fluid and took me to finals 🙂

Xfree 2013 qualification from Mattias Lindqvist on Vimeo.

p.s And after the weekend I will have some nice news…. 😉


One thought on “Back to Normal…..

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