A few days back home…..

So after a long drive home I´m finaly have time to write something. We first went to Engelberg to pic up Fredrik. Then we headed to Rostock for a ferry towards Trelleborg. Only problem was that we missed 1(one) exit on the freeway and that forced us into a big que 😦 10km took us over 1h to get by. But you can´t really do anything about it so just laughing away and then we headed towards autobahn.

Then it flowed really well, we was arriving at the ferry around 5-6 in the morning and the ferry left around 7:45. Booked us in and then put the car in the que with the radio on, And of course we fell asleep for 1h. Trying to start the car, No we had a dead battery 😛
So Just backing the car out and then started to run it, the other car there didn´t have any cables 😛 Must been a funny view for all the people around. When we got on to the ferry atleast we asked if they had any cabins left, yes they had, a 4-beds for 45euro ! That was so nice after 12h in the car, to lay down and sleep. After Trelleborg just 350km on good old swedish freeways.

Left Fredrik at the trainstation next morning, spended a day with Katrine around Gothenborg before her bus left for her aswell. Then in to town for a few beers with old friends. Saturday was Rugby with my old team here in Gothenborg, that´s was fun, dead tho.

Found an very old newspaper article from http://www.gp.se when I competed in the local cross-country skiing comps. (in Swedish tho)

The future brings first rugby tournament in Oslo, and then head up to Trondheim for work. And i finaly got me an MRI for my knee so i can figure that out for real.


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