Chamonix, Valle Blanche – Grand Envers

So long time since last time i wrote something, after Morgins i worked more and didn´t really skied for real so much. Just skiing to work and some chill runs for my self. That was really needed and it was good to have work so i kinda had to go up skiing otherwise it sure could be a week without skiing, and that is not so fun.

So what happends since last time, we went to Chamonix with the plan to ski something fun and steep. Due to not enough equipment and we where to many we gave up all the steep plans and just did a chill and relaxed day and skied Valle Blanche Grand Envers. Was really cool to get some of the Cham-vibe and see all the lines you could do. Really want to spend some time there and see the real Chamonix. Not to much to say about it really, a mellow run with a few pow-spots 🙂

So here is some pictures !

aguille de midi
Aguille du midi

Lunch in the sun

Edvin Burman, Follow him on

fredrik nordqvist
Fredrik Nordqvist rocking Downskis Countdown 0s

simon brandelind
Simon Brandelind, Follow him on

Walking home

That was all for now, Don´t forget to look into my latest edit that is in a competition so vote if you like it 😉 you find it on


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