Boring stuff, And 1 little run

So sitting here now today after a day over in Verbier, it was nice. Really nice actually, did not expect that when we where heading over this morning. It was still cold snow and was really uptracked so apparently it seems that the snowpack over there is holding up quiet well.

To my big dissapointment we got a mail from La Clusaz yesterday that said it was cancelld, really boring. But good to make the call if you can`t do a safe competetion. Skiers cup in Zermatt also had to cancel and Axxamer FWQ was postponed. So not good for the comp. season right now.

Some airtime

So Robin went home now, we hade some good snow but we both have that day when nothing goes, everything just either goes the wrong way, you take the wrong turn, falls on jumps you do in your sleep when your not have a camera. So just got this little  gopro-clip from that day, just the day after all the snow we had melted toghether to slush.

But Enjoy, and more will come


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