Skiing, Planning, Working

So now have some more time went by here in Nendaz. I got my skis mounted (thanks to for lending me their work-shop) and have now some days on them, it´s countdown 2. Will try to write a review in them later.

And I have signed up for some FWQ-comps, at the moment Open Faces Axamer Lizum 3* , Verbier Freeride Week 1 Event 3* Temmos Freeride Chamonix 2* . It´s gone be really fun to get starting, get nervous and stay on start just waiting, waiting and then suddenly it your turn. Now I have maybee two more weeks with full-time work until it just gone be helping out when it´s busy hours.

Was out today with the “ninjaverksamheter”-crew and did some gangshredding. It´s was Awesome, jumping cliffs all-over the place. We where up at Lac de Veux. It´s two 3/4-chair that lays between Nendaz and Verbier, not so long but really nice with cliffs, windlips and much to do !

As you seen below my first edit is complete, no skiing tho. Had “some” time over in the car down and thougt it would be good to play around with the camera and the functions. Hope you like it ! (more will come)

Ep 1 On the Road Again

No it´s time for some chilling before bed and more gangshredd tomorrow !


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