New season

Hello Again !

New season and not so much happend really, or was to Stranda,Norway before christmas. That was insanely good can´t wait for going back there ! Here are 2 snaps from my Drift Ghost-s. Will be in Åre/Trondheim this winter for studies and skiing.

vlcsnap-2015-01-04-22h31m30s209 Nice and fluffy :) vlcsnap-2015-01-04-22h29m16s150


So, packing now for going down to Nendaz again, the plan was to go to Artesina FWQ in Italy but that was cancelld, there hasn´t been to much snow in the alps this season but my hope´s are up with this report from Wepowder ->!

And the new CD110 from downskis :) really awesome, making it a bit more forwardskiing ski versus the cd7 from last year. Have just 2 days on it but that was amazing, found myself carving big GS-turns and slashing out the tails whenever I wanted !

Check em out at


Suddenly it´s over….

So the season ended with the biggest comp this year, NM ! Was stoked to be able to go due to some stuff that was unsure until the days before i left Trondheim. But all is good now and now I´m working fulltime and overtime to pay the season that has been. And fill my freetime with Rugby and Downhill.

So, NM. Was up there a few days before and shredded around with all the friends that is always there the week before. Imagine all the freeriders from your country coming to one place and just play around, on a superfun mountain. Riksgränsen, just perfect for Gangshreddin.

Qualifications, was feeling a bit unsecure due to that we had a quiet hard surface. Choosed a line that wasn´t the most ridden line, but thought it was fun. Came out of the gate and felt quiet good and then after a while, ca 30s in the vid i just was lost, totaly. Or i knew kinda where i was but it wasn´t nere where i wanted. But wanted to do my line anyway so started traverse into it and my cliffs, and got down. Dissapointed yes, but it´s coming a next year :)



Now I just wants to thank all the people helping me, Family for lending me more and more money, Girlfriend for going with me on trips and showing me Norway. And of course Geo and Simen on Downskis, awesome to have their support ( and they will soon release their new website and presale for next winter. Isolda for giving me my Drift ghost-s, haven´t you checked it out, do it ( And Sarah and Bella on Unibrow. ( !


Stoked to see what next winter brings !


p.s and my runs in Hemavan (

Got a 9th place :)