Hi, I´m a marketer from Sweden based in Oslo, Norway. I hold a Bs.C in Marketing and International Business. If you want to read what`s on my mind at the moment, check out My blog!

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I`m a strategic social media marketer and uses social media platforms to promote businesses or brands. I can help you create and implementing a social media marketing plan or strategy that is aligned with the business’s overall marketing and branding goals. This includes developing a content strategy, engaging with customers and followers, and tracking and analyzing metrics to evaluate the effectiveness of their efforts. One of my strong skills is creating and curating engaging content, especially from User Genereated Content such as from influencers, ambassadors or partners. I also understand the algorithms and best practices for each social media platform. I can quickly get a deep understanding of your brands target audience and use this to tailor your marketing efforts to appeal to your audience.

If you need to discuss your marketing or need help with, feel free to contact me in any way!